About Me

Hi book fans,

my name is Lilly and welcome to my web blog Mummy Loves Books.  I have been running my blog for a few years now and it started out as a fun way to share my thoughts and opinions on books I’ve read, those I can’t wait to read and all my bookish thoughts.  I also love to share my thoughts on all TV and Movie offerings that are sometimes book related (and sometimes not!)

I am a mum of 4 and live in Scotland with my husband and 2 daughters and 2 sons.  Life can sometimes be a little crazy so reading has always been my magic escape.  It’s my little slice of magic away from the day to day tasks that sometimes take over when you are a mum of a big and busy family.

I like reading lots of different types of books from children’s fiction which I tend to read and remain aware of especially for my children and Young Adult fiction which I love due to the diversity of the books currently available in this genre.  I also love contemporary romances, historical fiction and thrillers and mystery novels as well.

In the next few months I hope to be linking the site to my new BookTube channel but more on that to come.

Please feel free to explore the site and leave a comment or drop me a line and I’ll be thrilled to talk all things book with you.

Happy browing

Lilly x